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Gibson 1980y Flying V

(税抜) ¥645,000

(税込) ¥696,600

Gibson 1972y Les Paul Custom "Excellent Clean Condition"

(税抜) ¥800,000

(税込) ¥864,000

Gibson 1959y ES-125

(税抜) ¥370,000

(税込) ¥399,600

Gibson 1959y ES-335TD

(税抜) ¥4,333,333

(税込) ¥4,680,000

Gibson 1954y Les Paul Standard "Gold top"

(税抜) ¥3,200,000

(税込) ¥3,456,000

Gibson 1959y Patent Appried For Pickup "P.A.F" Double White

(税抜) ¥ASK

(税込) ¥ASK

Gibson 1999y SG Standard Limited Edition with Maestro Vibrola

(税抜) ¥150,000

(税込) ¥162,000

Gibson 1950's Top Hat Knob "Gold"

(税抜) ¥44,444

(税込) ¥48,000

Gibson 1950's Rod Cover for L-5

(税抜) ¥23,148

(税込) ¥25,000

Gibson 1966y Melody Maker D "Cardinal Red Finish"

(税抜) ¥275,000

(税込) ¥297,000

Gibson 2013y Music City Jr with B-Bender

(税抜) ¥155,000

(税込) ¥167,400

Gibson 1970y SG Custom

(税抜) ¥550,000

(税込) ¥594,000

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